Dissecting The Legitimacy Of Snoring Sleep Aids

Snoring is a reality for 90+ million Americans

This sleep disorder is troublesome and can bring with it a whole host of medical concerns. For individuals dealing with snoring, it can become a frustrating experience leading to a range of unwanted symptoms. This read will analyze some of the snoring sleep aids on the market and their legitimacy.

Do they work as well as they claim to?

Let’s take a look.

Health Risks of Snoring

Before analyzing the snoring sleep aids, why not start with the health risks of snoring?

This will illustrate why treating snoring is a must moving forward.

1) Infrequent Sleeping (Continuous Waking)
2) Interrupted Breathing (Up To 10 Seconds)
3) Chronic Headaches
4) Daytime Sleepiness
5) Light Sleeping
6) Obesity or General Weight Gain
7) Heart Strain

These are the key risks to keep note of.

These health risks are an abundant problem for millions of people, and it’s important to understand how to tackle snoring head on. However, are snoring sleep aids the best solution? Do these over the counter products do a good job or are they nothing more than a marketing ploy?

300+ Patents for Snoring Sleep Aids

With over 300+ patents registered for healing/treating snoring, the opportunities are endless for individuals who snore.

These patents range from appliances to restrict snoring or straightforward patches placed on top of the nasal cavity. These variations often give people hope as they go from one option to another. In these cases, it’s important to take a step back and analyze if there’s a noticeable change or not.

These patents have been approved after rigorous testing illustrating there’s value present.

In the end, it’s up to the patient to determine overall impact.

Personal Preference

According to recent studies, most snoring sleep aids are below par in their effectiveness.

However, there’s a personal preference to using or not using these aids. In some cases, the difference is noticeable, and people do state a change in their sleep patterns. While there are others who report the aids were ineffective and a waste of money.

It’s all about trial and error in such cases.

For those who are looking to find a “sure bet,” they are not going to find one on the open market. There isn’t a single product that can offer a 100% guarantee right now.

Consult Family Physician or Sleep Specialist

What is the best approach to take for those who are dealing with ongoing snoring issues?

The best approach recommended by sleep specialists is to visit a physician. Book your appointment and have a sleep study done to determine what your underlying issue(s) are. This is a significant stepping stone towards figuring out how the body reacts to snoring and potential problems that are popping up because of it.

It’s far better to do this than to start testing snoring sleep aids blindly.

It is easy to exacerbate the issue with the wrong solution before confirming with a medical professional.

List of Sleep Aids

While heading over to the local drug store, the average person will see a range of aids.

Each one will be unique with branding stating it’s the ultimate cure for snoring. Some of these sleep aids may work while others are going to leave you in the same state. Here are some of the sleep aids that have been tested in recent years for efficiency.

1) Snorenz (Mouth Spray)
2) Snore-No-More (Sleeping Pillow)
3) Breathe Right (Nasal Dilator Strips)
4) Foam Mini-Footballs
5) Sona Pillow (Medical Device)

In general, these sleep aids have shown average results with some not working at all. Once again, the results are varied, and it’s important to keep this in mind before making the purchase.

Emphasize Lifestyle Changes

What can a person do to guarantee changes?

The best and most recommended path is to go ahead and make substantial lifestyle changes. It is simple lifestyle changes, which will start to create positive results and lead to reduced snoring. These lifestyle changes are just as important as any sleep aid one may end up using.

What are some of the fundamental lifestyle changes to keep in mind and implement?

1) Set Up Humidifier
2) Avoid Alcohol
3) Start To Exercise
4) Set Proper Sleep Schedule
5) Consider Using Antihistamines
6) Consider Using Tranquilizing Drugs

Each option is compelling and may start to produce results over time. It’s all about making simple changes and progressing towards a snore-free sleep.

In general, it is not ideal to go ahead and resort to sleep aids unless there’s a noticeable change after giving one a go. If not, it is best to look at making these long-term implementations to see how the body reacts. In most cases, it is these lifestyle changes that will garner better and more noticeable results.


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